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The website is aimed at Italian and foreign customers who want to buy or sell apartments, farmhouses, country villas around “Alta valle del Tevere”, Umbria – Tuscany. We operate with the utmost seriousness and transparency, by checking in detail all the documentation of the properties for sale.

We provide for our customers, the company building of trust, where to find qualified and specialized personnel in renovation of houses.
Our company operates in the Umbro-Tuscan territory for more than 50 years.

Free estimates will be required on all properties listed in this website

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Additional service for houses to be restored

If you haven't found what you are looking for in the renovated farmhouses market, you can go and take a look at our non-renovated properties where you can, together with our team (of surveyors, architects, plumbers and electricians), obtain the necessary permits and develop a customized project for you with the bedrooms you want, of the size you want in the point of the house you want, you can also choose the finishes and materials you like the most while keeping the costs within your budget. You can get from our team a free rough estimate on the costs to be incurred for the renovation of the property that you are going to buy whether it is to be demolished or restored. For our team, the purchase of the property to be restored is only the first step to take together with you to transform that abandoned villa or that neglected Umbrian farmhouse into the property of your dreams.

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REA PG- 239772
Agente Imm. N.1156

Umbria Verde di Santinacci Chiara
Legal Headquarter: Piazza Giacomo Matteotti 19
06019 - Umbertide (PG) - Italy
P.IVA: 02766910547

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