La Pieve - Cod. A29

The ancient church of Marciano is one of the most beautiful valleys of Umbria still perfectly

preserved (Valley Niccone) in a dominant position with views of both the valley and in the valley below altotiberina Niccone. The location is a few kilometers from Umbertide (PG) which can be accessed through the road leading to the castle of Migianella.

Near the castle there Migianella different churches several times mentioned in notarial documents. S. Andrea mail distructu Megianelle Marchionum (1489), piled up to 26 pounds and 5 money; S. Angelo, built in the fourteenth century, an official from the Parish of Marciano in 1493, located in castro Megianelle Marchionum, S. Lorenzo, cited in 1489 de castro

Megiane Marchionum, and S. Stefano districtus Megiane Marchionum.

To date, the property is visible and externally well preserved over time, you can still see the main inputs and internal openings that have never been tampered with over the years, a characteristic that affects the whole property, which has undergone very few changes from the hand of man. It is clear why the church has preserved to the present day aspect of ancient former monastery with a church setting, typical courtyard inside the building where it is divided by a stone staircase still be leading in antiquity have upper floors used to house while those less used to shelter animals and store.


CONDITION: ancient churcht of  '400 to be restored
LOCATION: Niccone valley
COMUNE: Umbertide
REGION: Umbria
LAND: 4 hectares
ACCESS: white road
WATER: yes well
CITY OR VILLAGE CLOSE:  Umbertide 10 minutes Perugia airport 30 minutes Cortona (Tuscany) 30 minutes.

REA PG- 239772
Agente Imm. N.1156

Umbria Verde di Santinacci Chiara
Legal Headquarter: Piazza Giacomo Matteotti 19
06019 - Umbertide (PG) - Italy
P.IVA: 02766910547

+39 348 24 28 735
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